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Aaron Brooks is Still in the Saddle!!!

In a move that is making me lose more and more faith in Art Shell, Aaron Brooks is back in his starting role as QB of the Silver and Black.

That's right, the QB that has an 0-7 record as a starter and who has melted down in every close game he has been in will be leading our team toward the draft pick that will eventually replace him.

I cannot believe that Brooks is the QB of the future for this team. That is the only way that he should be starting.

Some may look at Andrew Walter's two interceptions on Sunday and think that the kid had a terrible day.

Let's just forget that they both came under cloudy circumstances.

One was a desperation throw on 3rd and 18 after two false starts put the Raiders in a hole and reversed the momentum they were building under our young QB.

The other went off of Morant's hands!!!

He completed 14 of 20 passes, which should have been 15 of 20, for 131 yards in one quarter!!!

The offense was ran the way he hoped for and even implored upon Shell for!!!

Quick hits worked for him!!! They don't work for Brooks because his throwing is a coin toss, the ball is either on the money or 5 yards wide.

I was all for Brooks when he got here. I thought that he would take his new life by the throat and really shine.

That has just NOT been the case.

He is not the QB of the future here and I cannot believe that Walter is not being given a chance to get back on the horse and see what he has learned in his previous experience this year.

Walter should be the guy, and this team is blowing this call.