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Sapp is Not Elected to the Pro Bowl!!!

This is a slap in the face of one of the BEST DT's in the AFC.

Not only was he the #1 choice of the fans...He also leads the AFC in sacks at his DT spot with 8 1/2.

This has got to be the most glaring omission in years.

Sapp and Lechler join Larry Izzo (Fans Choice for ST player) as the only players voted in by the fans, but omitted by the NFL.

I see it as another stick in the eye of Al Davis. His defensive leader has been left off.

I can see Nnamdi needing to pass up McAlister and Bailey before he gets the nod, but to leave Warren off of this team is an absolute SNUB.

As happy as I am for Derek Burgess I am just as ticked about Sapp not making it.

Lechler is the best punter in the League, by far, and he was also shafted...But, he is a punter so who cares!!! :)

Shane does have a 3.5 yard per punt better average than the Jets kicker, BUT, only 26% of his kicks land inside the 20, whereas 36% of Ben Graham's land inside the 20.

Here is the list of Pro Bowlers: