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The 10 Yard Scramble, Raider Ramblings:

This is a new addition to the site and I hope to be able to do this daily.

- How is it that Sapp isn't even an alternate? Do the opposing players and coaches hate him that much?

Sapp has 38 tackles and 8 sacks. The only person who should even be mentioned along with him is Jamal Williams who has run up his tackle total to 58, yet only has three sacks.

Seymour and Hampton have got to be jokes!!!

Sapp has out tackled each of them and has had twice as many sacks as both of them...COMBINED!!!

I guess that Seymore and Hampton probably help up QB's and appologize IF ever they beat an O-Lineman and that helped them get the votes!!!

That is a JOKE!!!

- Shane Lechler is the best punter, EVER, and he is not included as a Pro Bowler either.

That is just a shame as well. I recall when Reggie Roby and, who was that kicker from the Colts (Oh Yeah, Rohn Stark), were pencilled in every year because they were the best, whether they led the League in Yards or not.

Well, Shane does lead the League in Yards, AND he is the best EVER!!!

Shame on you NFL. I understand that this is just you guys kicking Al when he is down. But, you are also waking a sleeping Lion. From every account yesterday Art was Ticked OFF and this will make our rise to the top only sweeter.

- This week is Chiefs week and this week has me pumped up. I don't care if we go 3-13 as long as we beat the Squaws and ruin thier playoff chances.

As many of you know, I disdain the Chiefs more than any team in the NFL.

It all goes back to the turf days when Marty "$&&&" Enheimer ran the team.

Marty has not been in San Diego long enough for me to really hate them as much, but, if he stays another couple of years I am sure that my disdain for them will grow larger than my hate for the Squaws.

- Brooks got his shot to beat the Squaws a couple of weeks ago and was reared ineffective by the 4th quarter.

The pick he threw on that last possesion still burns me!!!

I wish we would go with Walter.

This move shows me that the team really wants to win this one, so they are going with thier best shot.

- This Saturday Night's game should be a good glimpse into the future of the left side of our line.

Finally, it is looking like Gallery and McQuistan will be lined up together, and you had better believe that I will be watching them very closely.

- You know, I need to get a good photo of "Run Run" to put up on this site.

I want it to be a photo that is on the home page as long as this site exists.

If any of you have a good one, can you post it?

And speaking of "Mr. Jones", the Raiders will be honoring him at 2PM at the Airport Hilton on Friday.

That is all that I have for now, but I will udate this article as the day goes on if I feel like rambling some more!!!