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Raider Ramblings:

- It looks like all of you who cannot make it to Saturday's game will be able to watch it on TV, because the game has sold out.

That makes it 6 sellouts this year out of 8 home games. This goes to show that once the city of Oakland is taken out of the equation, sports teams can flourish here.

Now imagine if we were even 6-8 at this point, I am sure we would be 8 for 8 on sell-outs!!!

This means that if you have faith in this team turning things around you'd better get your season tickets for next year pretty soon!!!

  • I have faith in our boys being able to beat the Cheifs...But, when I think about it...How will we get it done without Crockett, Moss, Jordan and Porter?
  • It looks like it will be a cold one, so bundle up. Hopefully the rain will stay away. Rain would heavilly favor the Squaws and their running game.

- It is a pretty light day on the Raider front, just do not forget to show up at 2Pm tomorrow for the "Run Run" Memorial!!!