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Raider Ramblings: KC Gets the BOOT, Gameday Thread!!

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  • Like I said earlier in the week, My season will be made IF we can beat Kansas City and end thier season.
  • Tonight's Game will be on NFL Network, (Gumbel and Vermeil) and also on Channel 5, since it DID sell out!!! A win on National TV would do great things for the players who have been giving it all this year. I also wonder if Dick Vermeil will cry if the Chiefs get eliminated tonight?
  • I will be at the game and am leaving for the tailgate in a few minutes here. I'll be in 331 Row 5 seat 14.
  • This is a great pregame report, even though it is from a Chief's fan?!?!

- It looks like the Chiefs may have a weakness on their right side!!! I bet Burgess is licking his chops!!!

- Here is some more Raider News.

I've gotta bounce!!! Go RAIDERS!!!