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Brooks Needs to Go:

I have never felt as hopeless as a Raider fan as I did today.

There were countless times when I saw Brooks look at a man who was wide open and he would double-triple think himself into not passing and just giving up.

Putrid, may be the word, is how he looked and the offense just bent over and played dead for the "Texans". THOSE TEXANS ARE THE WORST GATHERING OF TALENT IN FOOTBALL!!! Yet, once again they have collected a Raider scalp.

Let's take a look at the numbers...Shall we?

The Texans passed for -5 YARDS!!! -5 M'ER F'ING YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raider fans...I love this team..In fact, I was ready to take some snaps and lead us to victory today...Seriously!!! I would take the snap...Drop back 7 steps and then throw the ball in Moss's direction...No, not the 3 yard out to Randy...The 50 yard BOMB to Randy!!!

-5 Yards!!!!

I can't go further than that...-5 YARDS!!!

302 Yards to 124!!!! Raiders!!! Yet, WE LOST!!!!

The returns did burn the Silver and Black, but Carr was also a F'ing stud!!!

Tell ME, Raider Nation, how did this happen???