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The Plan From Here On Out:

At 2-10 the Raiders have only a few possible goals still in mind.

Goal #1 is to beat the Chiefs and stop the AFC West bleeding. It will also deal a HUGE blow to one of our "Chief" rivals in thier quest for playoff glory.

Goal #2 is to finish the season with the top ranked Pass D in football. That is a BIG enough motivator to keep the Dawgs hungry on the defensive side of the ball.

Goal #3 is to see what Walter can do under Shoop. We've already seen enough indecision and game ending picks from Brooks to last a season in itself. It is time to go back to Walter so that we'll know if we need a QB in the off-season.

Goal #4 is to win more games than last year's tally of 4. If they can win more games than last year, this season can be seen as a somewhat successful one.

Goal #5 is to figure out what to do with Moss and Porter. I do not want a 7th round pick for Porter, or a 3rd round pick for Moss. I would like to trade them as a package for a first and second round pick. It really bothers me though, because they are each worth a first round pick, talent wise. My hope is that Shoop has brought Moss back into the fold...He did have as many catches last week as he had the previous three weeks combined. If Moss is back, then the offense is that much closer to being effective. Maybe we can move Porter and a third rounder for someone's first rounder and get Lynch and Ginn?!?!?!

So, assuming that the defense continues it's current pace the only thing we have to concern ourselves with in the off-season is resigning Sands. I am sure that there are defensive free agents that would love to join this squad. And don't forget that Darnell Bing is waiting in the wings to join our Lb crew or defensive backfield.

Now, that leaves only one side of the ball to concern ourselves with, the offense.

IF, Walter takes his benching in stride and has been working hard to learn from his on the job experience he could still be the answer. If not, I am praying for Quinn.

Quinn is ready to play in the NFL, right now. He has the make-up to handle the pressure and has been under Charlie Weiss for two years now. He has great instincts and does not make many mistakes with the football. He would be my #1 target IF Walter cannot cut it.

IF the Lions, or someone else for that matter, take Quinn then I am looking for a RB that can make a difference.

To me, that RB is Marshawn Lynch.

He runs with power and can cut on a dime. He reminds me of many backs that have had success in the NFL. From Emmitt to Gore, Marshawn fits the bill.

I really do like 3/5 of the 0-Line.

Gallery, Grove and Simms are just fine with me. It is the Boothe and Walker combo that KILL ME!!!!

In the 2nd round we need a lineman...Good Rb's will be available in the 3rd, if we cannot get Lynch or Peterson.

Art Shell should be given, AT LEAST, one more year to get this thing turned around, so I'm not looking for a new coach...But, Tedford would be intriguing! :)

Gotta run to a meeting, so excuse the typos if there are any, I'll fix them later.

Go Raiders!!!