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The "Authority" finally got one right last October when they allowed the team to sell thier own tickets. Now it looks like they will be working on refurbishing the Coliseum, yet again, hoping to attain another long term agreement with our beloved Silver and Black.

This would go a long way toward bringing back some of the fringe fans who are affraid to buy into a team that will just leave again.

Being a football fan is a passionate love affair where for, hopefully, 19 games a year you give passion and devotion to a group of guys who play for your home team. The passion far excedes baseball (Unless you're a LF Creature) or basketball, so it requires a complete buy in by the fans in order for them to fork over the money to enjoy a day at the Field.

Would you marry someone who you thought would leave in a few years?

As Raider fans we have been the husband/wife that was left for a Hollywood movie star, only to have our beloved return with stretch marks or herpes and three kids and expect to be accepted back.

A large contingent of us have accepted them back, but with cautious acceptance. A new extension would allow us to buy back in 100%!!!

I bled Silver and Black as a kid, then hated the team in LA. It was like watching my girlfriend make out with someone else...While it does have some perverse attraction to a few it made my stomache turn and skin crawl. On the day they announced they were returning I jumped for joy, because the Oakland Raiders are my favorite team. Not the Los Angeles Traders!!!

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