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McQuistan is Back on the OL:

What may seem like just another change because of an injury has me VERY pumped up for the rest of the season.

From the center to the left tackle you need to have a strong core in order to protect your quarterback.

McQuistan was moved from his familiar side, on the left, before the season started and he said that he felt a bit out of place and had a steeper learning curve.

He has now been moved back to his a more natural left guard position and he is ready to start against the Bengals.

I see Grove, McQuistan and Gallery as a VERY formidable left side of the line.

Art Shell is skipping Sims this week, even though Sims is healthy. He says that he doesn't want to rush Sims back there, but I believe that his quote about P-Mac says volumes about why P-Mac is starting.

He said that McQuistan has made tremendous strides and is ready.

That is a HUGE statement for a man who is short on praise for any of his players. Shell has held back praise for most of the season. I am gathering that if he is indeed finally praising someone that McQuistan may be special!!!

I sure know that I will be watching his performance this week!!!