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Chad Johnson Notices Awesome and Fabulous:

Yes, you heard the combo nicknames here first...The new Die-Nasty of Raider Corners are Awesome-Muah and Fabulous Washington.

They are combining to be the best duo since Haynes and Hayes controlled the corners for the Raiders.

People laughed at the Raiders for continually drafting DB's in the first round and now we are getting a look at the rebuilding process working first hand.

Here is what Chad Johnson had to say about them:

"They are blanketing everybody they play, everybody they play," Johnson said Wednesday in a conference call with Bay Area reporters. "Whether the guy makes the catch or not they're always in the vicinity. And that's surprising to me for a team to have that kind of trust in corners."

My mind instantly flashed back to Hayes and Haynes and the fierce tenacity with which they "blanketed" receivers, especially Haynes!!!

More Gushing from Ocho Cinco:

"It says a lot about the quality of corners that Oakland has," Johnson said. "I have much, much more respect for those dudes after being able to see them on film because I haven't been able to see Oakland in what, the past maybe three years. And watching them on film, they're very good."

I guess we are all on the same page here:

"That's what we do," Asomugha said. "It's what Mr. Davis has liked since he's been a part of the Raiders, since the Raiders have been in existence. You're going to play man coverage. That's what Willie Brown likes, and it's worked here. We throw in a zone every now and then but teams know we're going to play man and we've got to be able to answer the bell."

That has the hair on the back of my neck standing up!!! We have shutdown corners!!! Haleluah!!!

Let's hope that they can reduce "Ocho Cinco" and his buddies to "Negative Cinco" just like the last Johnson to line up against our boyzzzzz!!!!

"If you don't like it you need to change your profession," Washington said. "If you are a corner, you got to want to go against those types of guys. Chad is definitely one of the best receivers in this league. We will go out this week and hopefully we can do the same thing to Chad as we did to Andre."

- All quotes taken from this article: