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IF Sarkisian Is Hired, He Will Win A Super Bowl:

When we look back at the young talents that, Lord Al, has offered the reigns of his beloved Silver and Black we see a group of "Great" coaches who have won Four Super Bowls amongst them and there are two more getting started in their careers elsewhere.

The Super Bowl Winners are John Madden, Mike Shanahan and John Gruden.

It interests me that of this group of five that I've identified, only one stayed around long enough to win here in Oakland and the two latest young talents have chosen to start elsewhere.

Those other two are Bobby Petrino, the new coach of the Falcons, and Sean Payton, currently leading the resurgent (3-13 in 2005) New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game in his first season.

That is one helluva track record for Lord Al.
All of these signs point to Sarkisian being a can't miss football coach.

Al's record for discovering and developing young coaches is undefeated. Even the cursing Gruden and Shanahan have said that they learned a tremendous amount from the "Don in the White Jumpsuit".

Gruden was the most recent young mind to pass through here and he never had a losing season.

Those of you who remember Gruden's "Pre-Chucky" days will recall a fierce young man with an intense passion for the game. He would play CB and hit wide-outs in practice. The team fed off of his passion and evolved into an elite NFL team in only three years.

After he unceremoniously departed, the venerable and retreads were given a shot and the team has been terrible and void of any real passion until the 2006 defense came into being.

Sarkisian would be inheriting the best 2-14 team ever, in my opinion.

He will have the #1 pass defense in his back pocket while he constructs and instructs the offense. This advantage can mean a VERY quick turnaround for our team.

IF Sarkisian is hired, that will mean that Lord Al has once again found a bright young mind that will win a Super Bowl one day. Let's hope that this kid sticks around to win one here!!!