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Does No Sark Equal Kiffin?

There are many ways to try and slice this pie.

A) He was offered the job and he chose to turn it down.

B) The team became enamoured with Kiffin after Sark pumped him up for two weeks.

C) Sark saw that his heart was in college ball, and perhaps his place and respectfully declined.

I am HOPING that it was "B".

I am hoping that Lane came in and really put the razzle-dazzle on Lord Al.

It would be a case of being passed over by a friend, but if Lane Kiffin did indeed impress Lord Al that much, then he would be a great hire.

He is the son of the former Defensive Coordinator for Tampa, Monte Kiffin, and has led a pretty stellar offense in Southern Cal after Norm Chow's departure.

He is scheduled to reinterview today, so here's hoping that he is the call!!!