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Lane Kiffin To Be Announced as the Next Raider Coach at 11AM Today:

Update [2007-1-23 18:48:4 by saint]: Here is the link for the press conference

Well, it looks like there is one up and coming bright young mind that wants to take the reigns of our beloved Silver & Black.

It is being reported that Lane Kiffin, Son of Monte as he shall be called until he goes .500, is set to accept the Raiders coaching position at 11AM today.

I am not sure how all of this played out, but it sure is ironic that Al Davis got what he said he was looking for from the start. He stated that he was looking for someone with play calling experience on the offensive side of the ball. That is something that Sark did not have and "The Son of Monte" does.

I wonder if Al pulled the old switch-a-roo on Sark and that is why he took the high road.

Some USC fans laugh at Kiffin's play calling and say that the reason Sark is even there is because Carrol does not trust Kiffin and uses Sark as a filter of the play calling.

What I do know about this move is:

A) Son of Monte has seen this year's draft class up close and personal for three-five years and should help us have one helluva draft.

B) USC did not miss a step when Norm Chow left, in part because of SOM's ability to play call.

C) AL's young coaches have never failed. From Madden to "Rat"-a-Han to Gruden they have all been very successful.

I'll add a new piece on the History of Monte's Son later.

On the surface this is a MUCH better hire than Shell last year.