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Updated 2007 Oakland Raider Draft Predictions:

Burried in the Lane Kiffin Press Conference was a bit of undercover draft leakage...Perhaps.

When asked about the "Son of Monte's" strengths, Lord Al, said that his experience in college over the last few years has given him a good look at the talent that will be available.

He also mentioned two players by name. Those two players are Ginn, Jr. and Adrian Peterson.

Lane recruited AP out of high school and is very familiar with his talent.

This got me to thinking...Hmmmm? If Wide-out and RB are the two areas that Lord Al is looking in, then that means that Brooks and AW are here to stay and that Drew Stanton or some other hidden gem can be had in the 2nd or 3rd round.

This would also mean that we would be trading down in order to get even more picks.

I can now see a draft that looks like this:

Trade the #1 and move down:

The lowest I would want to go is #3 in order to ensure that Calvin Johnson would be ours for the taking.

Hopefully that could net us the 3rd pick in the 2nd round as well and we could select Crowder and Stanton with those picks.

Or maybe the best back available and Crowder.

The whole key to this will be IF Moss and Porter want to stay. IF they do wish to stay then we could draft AP with the 3rd pick and try to move up to get Jarrett or Ginn with a combo of other picks.

If they want out, perhaps we could get a 3rd second rounder for Moss and package two of our second rounders to move up and grab Marshawn Lynch.

That would net us:

Calvin Johnson
Marshawn Lynch
2nd rounder (Crowder, Miller or Stanton)
3rd Round - (ANy of the above Three that are left)

That would be one heckuva first day!!!

Marshawn and Jordan would be a good one-two punch and CJ is the best wide receiver talent I have seen in years.

Crowder would be the run stopper that our defensive line so desperately needs, and Miller is one helluva tight end.

The rest of the draft could be used to attain some big bodies for both lines and our team would be primed for a big 2007.

I am getting excited!!!