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Raider Ramblings: The Season is Over:

  • Man, I will miss tailgating in the A-Lot with the Black Hole and my Uncle's crew.
  • I am glad that I had the chance to take 5 people to their first games, and they all like the Raiders now.
  • Nnamdi went from the outhouse to the penthouse and now has given the Raiders a chance to draft someone besides a DB in the first round!!!
  • Walter had as bad a season as any QB has ever had. 3 TD's and 20 picks is JUST NOT getting it done.
  • Moss and Porter showed their true colors when they, in unison, gave up on this team.
  • Art Shell should get one more year. The Raiders, the malcontents and record aside, looked like "The Oakland Raiders" to me for the first time in 4 years.
  • It looks like Cleveland wants Quinn pretty badly. I wonder if we can get a deal for him like the one that the Chargers got for Manning that landed them Merriman, Kaeding and Rivers!!!