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Raider-Niner Stadium??? Give Me a Break!!!

No silver and black bleeding member of the Raider nation would ever want to share their stadium with a bunch of quiche eating white wine sipping Niner fans.

It would be way too controversal.

What are you going to do, have statues of Jerry Rice, Ronny Lott and Romo in Niners gear on one side and photos of them in Raider gear on the other?

Would the vendors go from selling popcorn shrimp and Frezunette one week to Brats and Beer the next?

I know that the Stick just aint what it used to be, But the Coliseum is a MUCH better football venue and we are in way less need of a new stadium.

So, now the York's come begging to Lord Al and implore him to build a new stadium with them. Now that they need the 150 million that the NFL would give us and also the fanbase to make building a new stadium a viable option (Think about it, what city wants to spend 350 million dollars on a venue that will bring in tourists 10 times year?).

This a ludicrous idea and here are my Top 5 reasons why it would never work!!!

  1. No room for "Whiners" in Raider Nation
  2. The Raider Tunnel is reserved for Raiders ONLY!!!
  3. There is no room for Red in the Black Hole!!!
  4. We couldn't start tailgating 7 days before each home game.
  5. The owner's wife's box would be violated, repeatedly.
So, go away to Santa Clara by yourselves, whinernation...We like our cement monolyth by the Bay, just fine!!!!