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RaiderNation Wins the Pickem' Prize: (Slater and Eatman OUT)

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Now let's think of a suitable gift.

Raider Nation was far and away the best handicapper on this board.

I have some friends at Vella's Locker Room, so I'll see what I can get for you.



If You Missed today's article, here it is:

After meeting with his support staff yesterday, The Son of Monte began taking out the trash.

I know that when names like Eatman and Slater were announced last year we all thought that our Offensive Line would be one of the tops in the League.

Simms, Gallery, Grove and the newcomers McQuistan and Boothe looked like a formidable line on paper.

Then the season began with a thud as the Chargers exposed our team for the fraud it was shaping up to be.

With nearly everybody on the offensive line out of position the team went on to allow more sacks than any other Raider team.

Slater's dismissal today adds fuel to the fire that great players do not make great coaches.

Yesterday also marks the day that Ole "Bed and Breakfast" himself can return to Idaho and continue his political/sheet changing career. Tom Walsh is no longer on the Raiders coaching list.

A coach that you probably wouldn't even know unless you're a diehard or paid attention to his outburst on the sidelines this year when he attacked players, Ted Daisher, accepted a similar position with the Browns.

Two assistant coaches were allowed/asked to find positions elsewhere or else be reassigned within the organization. Those coaches were Lorenzo Ward and Robert Ford.

Finally, assistant defensive line coach Daryl Sims, was asked to interview for his job. His competition will be a Fresno State connection of Kiffin's. I wonder how that one will work out?

In one weeks's time Lane is building up a support network around him of familiar faces and has gotten rid of anyone he is NOT satisfied with.

The word is that another former Falcon Coach that was dispatched by Petrino, Jim Cable, has already been offered the offensive line job and has not decided yet.

We all knew that this team needed a change, and change is definitely upon us. Let's hope that we get back to .500 this year and that this team that Kiffin is building will be here for the long haul and not be the one and outs that Shell brought in.

Go Raiders!!!!