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Raider Ramblings:

  • JaMarcus Russell has not declared his intentions as of yet and I am sure that if you bleed silver and black you are waiting with baited breath as much as I. Six Foot Six Two Hundred and Sixty does not come along at the quarterback position very often. When you add in his acuracy and arm strength he has the makings of a true #1 pick.
  • Sarkisian is an interesting candidate in that he worked here before, as the QB coach in 2004, and is next in line behind the OC and Head Coach at USC. This would be quite a jump for him as he is only the assistant HC at USC and does not even call the plays. He is scheduled to be here in the next few days, but no time has been confirmed.
  • Rex Ryan would give us a brotherhood in the coaching ranks. He could join his brother and we could really focus on the old Buddy Ryan defense.
  • We only have a few keepers on offense. I'd keep Jordan, Curry, McQuistan, Gallery (At Right Tackle), Grove, Crockett and PROBABLY Walter. I agree with Bud Light that we have to blow this thing up and it starts with the O-Line.
  The best way to get O-Line help is through Free Agency. RB's and Wide-outs can come through the draft.

- I'm still trying to think of a way to get Russell AND Calvin Johnson.

 Perhaps, if the Browns see that their top two QB's are gone they will trade with us for the rest of our first day picks and Walter/Moss.

 If we can end the first day with Marshawn and Russell or CJ and Russell I'd be STOKED!!!!!