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The time for excuses and all of the other garbage that came along with being a Raider Fan in 2006 are GONE!!!

This Sunday is the most meaningful game that we have played since the Super Bowl!!!

You know that the a defeat, at home, to the Oakland Raiders will destroy the Chargers.

They would be 1-2 in the AFC West and be fighting out of a 2-4 hole.

All of the Norv Bashers will be back in full force and I will LOVE Nothing more than hearing those bandwagon SOB's chanting for "MARTY, MARTY, MARTY" in the fourth quarter on Sunday.

It is time for our boys to put the pedal to the metal and take the first true step toward regaining the "GREATNESS OF THE OAKLAND RAIDERS!!!".

We will have Daunte "Freaking" Culpepper at the helm and a healthy Dominic Rhodes coming out like a pent up horse running behind Gallery, Griffith, Miller and Sims to pay dirt.

This IS the first TRUE test of young "Son of Monte's" reign and it will all begin at 1:15 PST on Sunday!!!

I want revenge for last year's losses, hell, I want revenge for all of last year period, when the Chargers exposed the Raiders as well as the Colts exposed the Saints in this year's opener.

I am getting pumped!!! Are you WITH ME RAIDER NATION???