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It's Pickem Time!!!


Sunday, Oct. 14

Cincinnati at Kansas City 1:00 pm
Houston at Jacksonville 1:00 pm
Miami at Cleveland 1:00 pm
Minnesota at Chicago 1:00 pm
Philadelphia at N.Y. Jets 1:00 pm
St. Louis at Baltimore 1:00 pm
Tennessee at Tampa Bay 1:00 pm
Washington at Green Bay 1:00 pm
Carolina at Arizona 4:05 pm
New England at Dallas 4:15 pm
Oakland at San Diego 4:15 pm
New Orleans at Seattle 8:15 pm

Monday, Oct. 15
N.Y. Giants at Atlanta 8:30 pm

Open date: Buffalo, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, San Francisco

Here is the Injury Report

Here are my choices:

Cincy @ Kansas City

Cincy may be the worst defense in the League and Herm Edwards is a good enough coach to know that by running the ball 45 times he will beat the "Bungles".

Winner = KC

Houston @ Jacksonville

I am still not a believer in the Texans. Especially without Andre Johnson.

The Jags are looking like a better team at this point, even though Fred Taylor is questionable.

Winner = Jags

Miami @ Cleveland

Hmmm? Does Cleo Lemon have what it takes to break the 0-5 Blues in Miami?

Honestly, I don't know. I do know that Cleveland is a darn hard team to beat at home and that they should be able to stem the momentum that is building behind the winless Dolphins and their passion to break this skid.

Winner = Cleveland

Minnesota @ Chicago

This is Chicago's chance to get back into this season. They had an inspiring win over Green Bay last week and I expect them to win again this week.

The strength of Minnesota's team is their Offensive rookie of the year candidate, Adrian Peterson and their strong defense, I just don't see them getting it done in Soldier Field.

Winner = Chicago

Philly @ Jets

This is a really tough call. This is the game that you DO NOT bet the house on.

If Brian Westbrook plays, I like Philly's chances. If he doesn't, they don't stand a chance.

Donovan McNabb has been exposed as a QB who cannot win without his check down RB out of the backfield.

Seeing that Westbrook is listed as probable means that I am picking:

Winner = Philly

St. Louis @ Baltimore

Will St. Louis finally break through their winless doldrums?

With Isaac Bruce, Dante Hall and Stephen Jackson on the "Out" list and Marc Bulger, and his banged up ribs, on the "Questionable" list, I don't think that it will happen this week.

That is unless they watch the NFL Network's mic'ed up version of the Niner game last week and learn all of their checkoffs?

How dumb was that? Two egomaniacs, Billick and Nolan allowed the NFL Network to mic them the entire game!!!

Winner = Ravens

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay

Vince Young seems to be going through the same sophomore slump that has sent Matt Leinart to the sidelines for the remainder of the season.

I think he is believing the "Hype"

On the other side of the ball is a team that is working hard every week and one that I expect to win tommorrow.

Vive le Crockett!!!

Winner = Tampa

Washington @ Green Bay

This game will show if Green bay is a paper Lion or a true top tier team.

I believe in this team and think that they will skin the Skins.

Winner = The Favres

Carolina @ Arizona

Under Kurt Warner the Cardinals are a MUCH better team than under Latt Leinart.

As I write this, David Carr has been upgraded to probable, so it looks like the Panthers may not have to start the 43 year old Vinny Testicle-verde, he of the green testes.

Winner = AZ

New England @ Dallas

This is the game that, as I am, you are all sick and tired of hearing about.

It is being billed as the GAME of the Year.

I cannot disagree with them, but I'll spare you the, "Is Tony Romo Melting Down Again?", and "Is Tom Brady the Best Ever?" conversations and just get down to who I think is going to win.

Dallas will win at home.

Winner = Dallas

Oakland @ San Diego

My gut says that this will come down to the last quarter of the game. And in that case I have to go with the experienced, Daunte Culpepper.

Like I said before, Daunte is the most experienced starting QB in the AFC West and he will perform better than Croyle, Rivers and Cutler. So far he is 2-0 in games in which he has played.

This Sunday, the legend of Daunte Culpepper wil continue to grow.


New Orleans @ Seattle

If you missed my breakdown of the exposure of Drew Brees, Here It Is, The Saints have not adjusted to the adjustments that the League has made to them yet.

Drew Brees has thrown ONE touchdown pass. Everyone who believed Marcus Colston when he said, "Pick Me", on the NFL Network is probably cursing him out weekly.

Things will not get better for the "Aints" this week.

Winner = Seahawks

Monday Night

Giants @ Atlanta

There is no question that the Giants will win this game.

Winner = Giants