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Oakland Raiders News 10-14-07: Bring on the Chargers!!! Redemtion Sunday!!!

Today is the day Raider fans!

Today is the day that we can shed the loser's shroud and make a statement in the AFC West for the first time since 2002.

Today is the day that Daunte Culpepper can REDEEM himself after being cast away from the lowly Miami Dolphins.

What a great marriage this is. A former Pro-Bowler who has one of the best stat lines in football history and a franchise that was known for JUST WINNING BABY, and winning more than any franchise in sports history, will march into San Diego to face the team that won the AFC West last year and embarrassed the Oakland Raiders in the Opener on their way to a 14-2 record.

Today IS Redemption Sunday.

At the end of today the Raiders can show that they ARE a first place team that EARNED it.

As of now, like the formerly second ranked Cal Bears, we have backed into first place. With Kansas City, Denver and San Diego losing in a pattern that worked out perfectly in our bye week we will take the field as the First Place Team in the AFC West, this late in the season for the first time since Week 17 in 2002.

Today is the day that we must show that we are more than a one trick pony.

Although that one trick pony has a pretty good trick, first in the NFL in rushing, we MUST pass the ball effectively against the Chargers.

The Chargers pass defense pales in comparison to their rush defense. I expect us to use our strength, the run, to set up the pass. Then pass often.

If there is anything that Lane Kiffin has shown me this season it is that his game planning has been spot on in each game.

IF Josh McCown had the ability to execute the game plans against the Lions and Denver, we would be 4-0.

Today is the day that Zach Miller has to be used in the passing game.

Today is the day that Daunte's favorite targets Madsen and Porter will have to get in the end zone.

Today is the day that Johnnie Lee Higgins needs to catch his first pass.

Today is also the day that Rob Ryan's pets need to start acting like DAWGS instead of puppy dawgs that roll over whenever told to.

Today is the day that Michael Huff needs to step up and lay the wood on anyone who dares come over the middle.

Today is the day that Warren Sapp, without Burgess and Warren needs to be the leader that we all know he is.

Today is the day for Stu, to have a career day and stop being such an ankle tackling bum that is two steps behind every receiver.

Today is also the day for our special teams to get healthy and win the field position battle.

Today is the first day that we will have O'Neal, Stewart and Ike back at the same time.

Today is the day that Lane Kiffin was game planning for when he first looked at the schedule.

His entire roster was built to take advantage of the bye week and get his players back in time to begin this tough stretch in the schedule.

Today is the day that Dominic Rhodes begins his Raider career. He is 100% healthy coming into week 6. How perfect!!!

I cannot wait for this game and the next step in the Greatness of the Raiders to begin!!!