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Raider's Wrap: The Boneheaded Loss is a Team Loss:

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From "Son of Monte" not running the ball in the first half, including NOT trying to run it in with one time-out left and the ball on the one yard line in the closing minutes, to Daunte's inability to take a snap from under center, this was a team loss.

Even the ultra reliable Shane Lechler pulled a boneheaded move when he tried to run for a first down instead of kicking the ball.

There are many questions that need to be answered before this team can even think about being a good football team.

1) Are the Oakland Raiders a running team?

If the Raiders are a running team then it makes no sense to come into a hostile environment and try to do something you haven't done all year.

In order to regain momentum after giving up that opening drive, you run the ball for a couple of first downs.

Running for a couple of first downs will help calm the momentum that the other team is gaining and will help get your offense in sync.

The Raiders passed 8 times to pen the game, against one run, and the O-Line committed a MOUNTAIN of penalties to build a 14-0 hill that took them until there were 5 minutes left in the game to climb.

Unfortunately, by that point, the Chargers had 21 points.

2) How bad is our defense?

First off, our safeties are terrible.

Stuart Schweigert may be the worst starting safety in the NFL, and he continues to prove it every week.

"Schwag", as I refer to him as, will be in the stat sheet with 4 tackles.

He was in the screen on every play, including the one where he was dragged into the end zone by LT. He IS terrible and as long as he is one of our starting 11 on defense we will not be a good defense.

He was exposed early and often.

Just behind him was Michael Huff.

Huff was drafted to be a hard hitting, run stuffing, strong safety.

His career was summed up on a sweep by LT, when LT swept right and Huff, literally ran away from the blocker and dove on the ground himself.

With these safeties, teams will know that they can pound away at our D-Line because there is no last line of defense.

Donovin Darius and BJ Ward are gone and we have these stiffs.

That is pretty much it.

I was happy with special teams and the combo of Morrison and Howard.

I think that Michael Williams had a helluva game and the receivers played well.

I think that, without blitzing (One of Rob ryan's faults), we still had good pressure on Rivers at times.

This game is a look in the mirror game for this team.

They used the bye week to relax and take time off, when, perhaps, they should have been working and they came out looking rusty and discombobulated.

Time will tell, Raider Nation...But, I'm still "in".