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Raiders vs Chiefs, The Season Ends For Someone Tomorrow

That's right Nation, I said it.

Whoever loses tomorrow can say Good-Bye to the season.

I know it is early, but with Jacksonville, Green Bay, Tennessee, Chicago AND Indy left on the schedule, that would mean that the Raiders would have to sweep the second round against their division after this, to even have a shot at winning the AFC West.

A Win tomorrow would end a streak for futility that dates back to the pre-merger days...Perhaps.

For nearly three entire seasons the Raiders have not beaten one Divisional foe.

As Raider fans we do not need to relive the specifics again, we just need to HOPE that our team wins tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the Raiders have a chance to be on a one game winning streak against the AFC West.

They would be 3-3 with a 1-2 Divisional mark. That would be good enough to keep them in this thing and keep the dream alive.

With a loss tomorrow, the Chiefs would go to 3-4, with games still to be played against San Diego, Indy, Tennessee and two at Denver, I couldn't see them being better than 8-8.

I am expecting a LARGE AND LOUD GATHERING of the Raider faithful in the stands tomorrow.

So, Bring it Raider Nation!!!