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Are You Ready For Some Football??? Open Thread - First Half

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This is the game where the offense should pull out all of the stops.

The Tennessee defense is the best that we've faced so far this year and the simple offensive plan that Lane Kiffin has chosen to run in the first 6 games, WILL NOT get it done against the stout Titan defense.

I think that it is NO coincidence that the run game has gone the way of LaMont Jordan's back

He is in a contract year and is trying to get his numbers to the detriment of the team.

Rhodes needs to be moved to the #1 back and LaMont, needs to be the change of pace back.

There were rumblings within the organization that JaMarcus Russell would get into the game if it went South by the 4th quarter. He has been placed on the inactive list although he is listed as the 3rd QB.

The game is about to start.

I will try and keep everyone up to date by Live Blogging the game!!!

Let's Go Raiders!!!