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Notes at the Half: More Fargas, Less LaMont:

You need only look at total yards per touch to see who should be running the ball the rest of the way today.

LaMont Jordan - 7 touches, 10 yards

Justin Fargas - 8 touches, 51 yards

It isn't JUST that LaMont isn't running well, it is that he is a step behind the hole all day. The O-line is opening up Big holes and Fargas is doing a MUCH better job of hitting them.

This has been the same story for LaMont since he tweaked his back against Miami.

In his next game against San Diego he had 18 carries for 42 Yards. Fargas has two carries for 10 yards.

Against the Chiefs LaMont had 11 carries for 29 yards.

We have to do a better job of running the ball against this aggressive Titan team and that means MORE Fargas in the second half.

On the defensive side of the ball, Tommy Kelly, Kirk Morrison and Warren Sapp had solid first halves, and so did Michael Huff.

The Raiders have dominated to this point and now get the ball first in the second half. If they can get some points on their opening drive they will make this a two score game.