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Here Come The Oakland Raiders!!! (Open Thread - 2nd Half)

1st and 10: from the 23: There goes Fargas for 15!!!

1st and 10: Jordan is snuffed behind the line, loss of 2

2nd and 12: Fargas up the middle for 3

3rd and 9: Daunte runs for a first down!!!!


1st and 10 from the 48: Pass to O'Neal for one yard

2nd and 9: Loss of two for Jordan

3rd and 11: Pass to Williams, gain of 6

4th and 5: Lechler to punt

Punt to the Tennessee 6 yard line. The ball was fair caught. I never get why a punt returner would EVER fair catch a line drive at his own 5?!?!

Hey, their loss is our gain!!!