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Oakland Raiders News, 10-04-07: First Quarter Grades Are "In": Wide-Outs

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The wide-outs are a tough group to judge because they have not really been utilized in any game plan since the first week.

But, let's go ahead and give it a shot anyway:

Ronald Curry  Grade: B

Ronald Curry has emerged as the #1 receiver that the Raiders hoped he would be when he was drafted out of North Carolina and converted to Wide Receiver.

Injuries slowed his development and many of us wondered if he would ever be healthy enough to pan out.

It is a good thing that he has regained his health, because he is an integral part of the Raider receiver corps.

He had his best game as a Pro on Opening Day when he caught 10 passes for 133 yards and a TD.

Since Week 1, he has only caught 6 balls for a total of 90 yards and a score.

He dropped two key passes against the Dolphins or he would have had another 40 yards and another TD.

It will be interesting to see how he does when/if Coach Kiffin opens up the passing game.

Jerry Porter Grade: B

Jerry Porter has done everything, so far, that the coaches have asked of him.

He is back in the Oakland Raider fold and is showing to be a good teammate and a viable downfield threat.

When McCown was in the game, Porter was open for naught. Josh either didn't see him WIDE OPEN downfield or over/underthrew him.

They did connect once and even that pass was terribly underthrown.

he has only 7 receptions for 144 yards, but he has taken three of those to the house and could easily have 2-3 more TD's if Josh could have gotten him the ball.

Mike Williams    Grade: D+

Mike Williams has been the biggest disappointment for me at the quarter point.

I can see why his coaches get frustrated with him. He has immense "natural" ability, but he has a two cent head at times.

He is a nice BIG target in the end zone, but he drops too many passes.

He is a fantastic downfield blocker, but he also celebrated Huggie Juniors run instead of making one last block that may have let Fargas take it to the house.

He has found himself so far into Lane Kiffin's Dawg House that he was inactive against Denver.

At, 23 years of age, he still has a shot to be the guy that we all hope he will be, but if he doesn't get his butt in gear for the second quarter, we could see Alvis Whitted back here in no time.

Johnny Lee Higgins   Grade: INC

Johnny has yet to make a catch and has not been a factor AT ALL (Except for his potential game changing fumble) on special teams.

There is hope for him because he is a special punt returner and also a credible deep threat.

His second quarter HAS to be better.

Well, that's it for our receiving corps. I expect the second quarter to be more explosive for this talented group.