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Oakland Raiders News 10-09-07:I Don't Want To Wake Up!!!

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Besides the fact that everyone I've spoken to today had a hard time waking up, I guess it's just one of those days, I find myself in the middle of a DREAM beginning for our beloved Silver and Black, Oakland Raiders, and I do not want to wake up.

MMMMM...Super Bowl Trophy

Sure, that wake-up call can happen this Sunday, when we play the HATED San Diego Chargers.

The Chargers seemed to wake up out of a 5 week slumber against the Broncos last week, when they pulverized them into oblivion, 41-3.


Box Score

Their season was on the line and they responded with a dominating game on the "roid", I mean road.

It even looks like some of the columnists and fans that wanted Norv Turner Fired have called off the dogs for now.

For all of you out of towners, Here is the map for the TV schedule for the US. (They should have it sorted out by Wednesday)

One thing that I know we have to contend with is their newfound play calling:

After running the ball 27, 19, 26 and 21 times (Despite the fact that they have the BEST running back tandem in the NFL), they ran the ball 31 times for 214 yards against Denver's last place run defense.

Don't look now Raider fans, BUT, the Silver and Black are the Worst in the NFL at Average Yards per Rush.

The bottom line is that we HAVE to stop the run. Period.

A 4-2 start would ensure that as we head into the toughest part of our schedule, San Diego's has already passed, we will be in first place in the AFC West and will have regained some level of respectability.

Great Raider Video, Courtesy of youtube

Play This Whenever We Score on Sunday!!!

This is a Classic For All Parents Out There