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Oakland Raiders News 11-12-07: McCown Fumbles Away Another Game For The Oakland Raiders

True to form, the Raider defense gave up multiple touchdowns after the offense took the lead late in the game and their worthless and hobbled quarterback, Josh Mc "Checkdown", turned the ball over every chance he got down the stretch.

The offenses line for their final three drives:

With the score 10-6 after the Bears taking their first lead of the game and 3:11 on the clock, Mc "Checkdown" went three and out.

After the defense got him the ball back with 1:48 left and still trailing by 4, he, true to form, PROMPTLY, layed one on the carpet, which was recovered by the Bears and ran in for a touchdown.

The game was, in reality, over at that point. But that didn't stop, Mc"Laydown", who added, yet another TO to his tally when he threw a pass up for grabs that was intercepted to finish the game.

This got me to thinking a bit. Is it just me, or does Mc"Clown" have a penchant for these things, and in fact does our defense also show a tendancy to give up leads in the fourth.

Let's check it out:

Against Houston, after falling behind 17-10 entering th fourth quarter, the defense allowed a touchdown to make it 24-10.

Mc"Unemployment Line" then threw a pick with four minutes left and didn't get the ball back until there were less than two minutes left and we needed two TD's. Mc"Breadline" got one of the two, as he also always seems to do, then again, don't most losers perform better when all of the pressure of winning is over?

In the other two games that Mc"Blown" finished he threw an INT after getting the ball with two minutes left and a chance to win it for the Raiders against Denver and against the Lions we went INT, Fumble and End of Game, while the Lions went,TD, FG, TD on their final three possessions.

Part of the blame lies within the defense and the rest goes squarely upon the shoulders of Mc"Loser" and Lane Kiffin.

The Bears would have been easy to expose against the pass yesterday and even when we trailed and needed a passing QB, McCown was still sent out there to do what he does. End the game with turnovers.

I am OFF the Kiffin bandwagon, BIG TIME. If not for 11 penalties putting Daunte in deep trouble against TENN, he would have won that game. Daunte should still be the QB. Period.