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Oakland Raiders News: 11-13-07: It is Official, Randy Moss Matches Oakland Raider TD Output of 06'

As many of you would love to say, "It is a good thing Randy is gone, because he would have destroyed team chemistry!", in all honesty, even you know that this team would be MUCH better with him.

He has 12 touchdowns already. The entire Raider offense scored 12 TDs last season. THE ENTIRE OFFENSE!!!

In fact, it gets even worse, he has nearly, single handedly outscored the entire offense to this point of 2007. 12 -17.

I know that this is a tough pill to swallow.

I know that it was easier to just hang the losing attitude on Randy, even though it permiated throughout the team last year.

I know that when he left I wrote a piece saying that I wish he would have had a good system to play in in Oakland. This year's system would have been much better.

Can you imagine Daunte to Randy 5-8 times a game?

Man, it just kills me to see him have 12 TDs through 9 weeks.

Then again, I am happy that he is doing well.

Many fans forget about how he tried to play every snap in 2005 even though he was playing on one leg and with a bad back for a bad team.

As much as I hate the Patriots, I am a Moss fan and I guess that the tales of his death were greatly exaggerated.