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Oakland Raiders News 11-16-07: End Zone to End Zone

AP in the AP

I was feeling a bit terse and ticked this morning until I read This AP Story about Adrian Peterson.

In a World of Multi Million dollar athletes it is great to see the GREAT ONE'S put football and the NFL in general ahead of their own gains and monstrous egos.

He donated the purple No. 28 jersey and white pants he wore earlier this month while rushing for an NFL-record 296 yards for the Vikings in a victory over the San Diego Chargers.

The uniform has been guarded by the team's equipment staff since the game on Nov. 4. When Peterson said it was never washed, Joe Horrigan, a representative from the Hall of Fame, feigned disgust as he held the jersey next to him. Horrigan was headed back to Canton, Ohio, where the shrine to Peterson's accomplishment was scheduled to be on display starting Friday.

"The magnitude of what Adrian did on that day is really amazing, and you think about the fact that he is a young rookie and what that must mean for the future," Horrigan said.

The Hall of Fame is for the Fans. It is a place where the history of the game will be kept alive for many generations to come.

This is a fact that has not been lost on this young Uber-Talent.

Think about it, just here in the Bay Area we have a player who is exactly the opposite, Barry Bonds has shrines to himself built in his house and keeps nearly everything from every milestone he has achieved.

When asked about making a donation to the HOF from his tie breaking home run, it took a rep from the Hall itself flying in to negotiate for just one item.

Did he get the jersey, or the bat? How about his cleats with the dirt still in them?

No, he got his batting helmet. That is not a complete snub, but it is what Barry intends to do with his entire uniform that shows what an egotist he is.

He intends on displaying it in his "Private" Hall of Barry.

Sure he has given the Hall a BP bat from the World Series in 2002 and some spikes from his 400-400 mark, but, for someone who has gotten so much from the game and the fans and also statistically achieved so much, it pales in comparison to what this rookie in the NFL did.

Not ONLY did he break the single game rushing record, but, he did it as a rookie.

We all know that the most important piece of memorabilia from Bond's greatest feat will be on display in the Hall. And isn't it appropriate that it will go in with an asterisk?

Adrian Peterson is showing that he is an asterisk on most professional athletes. Only HE is a positive one.


Daunte's Revenge II

The return of Daunte Culpepper to Minnesota has given the game in Minnesota a GREAT storyline.

For those of you who don't know the story, Brad Childress, the Head Coach ran Daunte out of town when he took over the team.

He compared his attitude to that of his former wide-out in Philly, Terrell Owens, and decided to move him.

Things have been pretty bad in Minny ever since.

Now, Daunte returns, with a new team and a new attitude.

"It has been a necessary frustration and also a blessing as I have learned so much over the last two seasons," Culpepper said.

Culpepper said he wasn't disappointed when the Raiders reinserted Josh McCown, who had been injured, into the starting spot on Nov. 4.

"When I came to Oakland, I stated that I was here to help wherever needed," Culpepper said. "Josh was the starter and got hurt. When he was healthy I was told that he would be put back in."

Still, Culpepper knows about the future in Oakland.

"Both of us realize that we are warming the seat until JaMarcus (Russell) is ready," Culpepper said of the Raiders' top draft choice from Louisiana State. "In the meantime, I want to help this team win however I can."

Culpepper said his knee has been "great," and he noted that he is at the two-year mark, the point his doctor told him he would be fully healed. Beyond that, Culpepper said his family is also doing well.

"Life is great," he said. "I am looking forward this offseason to finding a place to call home for my family and me."


Michael Bush

Well, I have figured out that the "Michael Bush Question" does not have to be answered until next Wednesday.

I do expect him to be activated next week. There is no other way that we can go into a draft that has two potential franchise backs, Hart and McFadden, without knowing IF our potential franchise back can cut the mustard in the NFL.


Division Race

I am Not counting the Raiders out of the AFC West until the season is over.

It is possible that a 7-9 team will win the Division. Wouldn't that be a HOOT?