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Oakland Raiders News 11-24-07: Is Sunday a Setup for Another AFC West Heartbreak?

I know, I know, nobody wants to keep talking about the "Streak of AFC West Futility", but, this gorilla will be on Oakland's back until the ball finally bounces our way in a contest against our most storied foes.

In a season that has been full of ups and downs, yes, I did say UPS (being 2-2 after 4 weeks was pretty cool) and downs (Or Check Downs, if you prefer), nothing would help my heart rate and the rotting feeling I have in my gut more than beating the Chiefs in Kansas City.

For as long as I have been watching the Raiders, about 28 years, the games with the Chiefs in Arrowhead have been bloodbaths.

There is nothing that would please the core of Raider Nation more than winning out against our division.

Not to beat a "Dead Donkey", but, it would have been nice to break out Bush and ease in JaMarcus while running the Division  and putting the AFC West on notice for next year.

As fans, we don't need a Championship this year, OR NEXT, just give us something to hang our hats on.

As fans, we have taken a brutal beating at the water coolers for the past 5 seasons. I would just like to be able to say, "We beat you bad at the end of last year and we will do it next year!!!" as opposed to, "Our new coach has instilled a new attitude and just wait until Jamarcus and Bush get on the field".

The Chiefs are ripe to be beaten to a pulp. Their strength, the running game, is down to one unknown cog, Kolby Smith. Oddly enough, he was in the same backfield as Michael Bush at Louisville. Once again, NOT TO BEAT A DEAD DONKEY, but, who would have thought that a healthy Michael Bush would not be the first rookie from Louisville to get a start?

Well, I am heading home from spending the Holiday in the land of the CHARGERS, and I'll chat with you all in tomorrow's open thread.

Until then...Go RRAAAIIDDEERRSS!!!!