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Oakland Raiders News, 11-25-07: The Streak is SNAPPED!!!

Daunte Culpepper and Justin Fargas led the way for the Raiders down the stretch.

The aptly named, "Crashtest Dummy", took the ball around the right side for 18 yards and the final dagger in the Chief's heart.

Today, Justin Fargas showed why he belongs in the starting position for the Raiders. He is explosive and runs with no fear at all in his heart.

He carried the ball 22 times for 139 yards and a score.

He ran well behind Carlisle and McQuistan, which is a good change of pace. For the most part the backs have gotten more yardage over the left side. As I said last season, Paul McQuistan was our best run blocking O-Lineman. Today he showed that he is a much better run blocker than Cornell Green.

This game would NOT have been won IF Josh McCown started the game. Period.

Daunte's cool and calm under pressure helped him lead the team down the field on three straight drives that led to points and eventually the game clincher.

Culpepper may have had the loudest 170 yard, no TD game of his life.

I can only think of two passes that were not spot on all day.

So, Raider Nation, just like that, The Wicked Streak is Dead!!!

Ding Dong, the streak is Dead, the wicked Streak is dead!!!

I can now forget about the MANY painful losses that built up over the past 5 seasons.

Gone is Larry Johnson's TD with no time left.

Gone also are the "Non-Spike" last year and the "Time-out this year.

Now we can focus on making Kansas City our "Bitch" in the AFC West and set our sites on the Donkeys and Powder Puffs!!!

Stage one of my Thanksgiving wish has come true.

Next up is the game next week against the Donkeys.