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Oakland Raiders News 11-26-07: Finally a Silver Monday!!!

For the first time in 7 weeks, it is finally a "Silver Monday". After 6 consecutive "Black Mondays" the Raiders have given their fans a victory.

That smooth sound that you hear resounding from Oakland is the entire Raider Nation, from Al Davis down to the rookie fan, exhaling.

Yesterday's win has made us all stop talking about Bush being benched for the rest of the season, or asking when JaMarcus Russell will start. It has LaMont Jordan being part of the team again and it even leaves Dominic Rhodes without much to say. Winning cures all evils.

This Week promises to be filled with players talking about winning their game ahead with the Donkeys and the fans will actually buy into it. I mean, why shouldn't we?

Today we stand on ground that this franchise has not seen since our last Super Bowl Season. That is the year in which we last beat the Hated Chiefs.

Gone is a 9 game losing streak and in it's place is a 1 game winning streak. Gone is all of the heartache of last second losses and that feeling has now been cast onto the fans of the Chiefs who are still wondering why Herm Edwards didn't kick the ball and how in the heck Justin Fargas was able to be the first Raider running back to go over 100 yards in Arrowhead in nearly 30 years.

Think about that last one for a minute. Marcus Allen and Bo Jackson never ran for 100 yards against the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Neither did Charlie Garner or Tyrone Wheatley.

It was the "Crash Test Dummy", the guy who, before the season started, everyone thought would be cut as soon as Bush was activated that ran the ball down the Chiefs throats on the final drive that ended with a 20 yard run on 3rd and 11.

Fargas did to the Chiefs what all Raider fans who have witnessed the 9 game losing streak got used to Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson doing to us. He ran the ball at will on the final, game clinching drive.

Yes, Raider Nation, all is good in the East Bay today. Now let's get after those Donkeys!!!