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Oakland Raiders News 11-27-07: It's Donkey Week!!!

This team has got to have revenge on their minds. After having their victory taken from them on a surprise time-out call in Denver, the Raiders will definitely want to get out there and receive their comeupance.

Once again our run defense will get a "Cough...Cough...Break", and most likely be facing a third tier running back. In fact, it looks like it may be the 5th stringer.

Then again, it isn't like Kolby Smith went easy against our Gruyere run defense.

If you need a running back in your Fantasy League, you may just want to pick up Cecil Sapp.

The good news on the ground game is that even though the Raiders are DEAD last in the NFL against the run (5.0 yards a carry), the Broncos are in 31st place (4.7 yards a carry).

Look for the Raiders to Run, Run, Run until Daddy takes the T-Bird away.

You know that Sea-Bass, the hottest kicker in the NFL at the moment, wants another chance to torch the Donkeys.

Man that guy looks like a real Donkey!!!

This time, my money says that he makes it!!!

And let's hear it for the WORST fans in the NFL. They want to put a 70 year old woman behind bars for showing her team spirit!!!

On another note, I wish to send the thoughts and prayers of my family and this website to the family of the young father who was murdered yesterday.

The senseless death of yet another young black man boggles my mind. The violence has got to end somewhere.

Now, there is an 18 month old girl who will miss her Daddie, forever.

I'm going to go home and kiss my family and let them know how special they are to me. I sugeest that you all do the same.

RIP Sean Taylor.