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Oakland "R"aiders "R"ant: This Week's Subject, Josh "Check Down" MCown

It looks like Josh McCown has won the "Most Responsible For Losing To Texas Award" from our pollees here on S&BP, so let's take this opportunity to rant about our career backup who's passes "Float" like a Butterfly and Put us back on "Dee".

This no armed wannabe, single handedly took down the  team on Sunday.

The team only committed 4 penalties and the running back ran for over 100 yards.

The defense was bad, again, but NOT terrible.

How can any QB NOT take advantage of their ONLY defensive back worth a grain of salt being out?

Here's how!!!

You throw floating passes too late to your receivers and then say afterward that "WE" need to get better!!!

"WE"!!! How about "I" need to get better.

The problem is...Raider Nation...He can't get better. He has NO ARM and he checks down too quickly to be able to make good decisions.

He is the worst QB we have had since Rusty Hilger!!!

(I have much more on this, but have to jet for now)