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Oakland Raiders News 11-07-07: Midterm Grades Are "In" : Linebackers

Alright Oakland Raider Fans, here is your chance to grade the Silver and Black over the first 8 games.

Let's start off with our strengths...I'm feeling positive today...I mean, heck, we could be 6-2 and leading the Division by 2 games!!!


By Week 8 the linebackers have shown that they will be the ones who get anything done on defense that needs to get done.

Morrison #52 and Howard #53

The leaders of this crew, and the whole defense for that matter, are Thomas Howard (2nd Year Player out of UTEP) and Kirk Morrison (3rd Year Player out of San Diego).

Morrison and Howard have combined for 112 tackles, 7 interceptions, 16 passes defensed and 2 touch downs.

With the designated run stopper, Sam Williams, out, Robert Thomas has taken it upon himself to be a one man wrecking crew against the run. In fact he led the team with 11 tackles last week.

You need a pick? Kirk and Thomas step up..Stop the run? Howard, Morrison and Thomas tallied 26 of the team's 67 tackles against the Texans.

With two of our top 4 D-Linemen out and our safeties playing like Power Puff Cheer Leaders, this group has kept us in games and will be the key to us winning any more games this year.

Grade A+