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Oakland Raiders News 12-11-07: The Raiders Welcome Another Original NFL Foe, The Colts

This image is from This Old Piece About A Raider/Colt Game in 1969

I have to believe that this weekend will be Coach Kiffin's defining moment of the season.

A week after getting trounced by the Packers in the second half of Sunday's, "Meltown on Ice", the Raider Head Coach has to get his whole team to forget about the last two quarters that they played and keep positive enough to have confidence that they SHOULD win this week.

The game plan, which includes JaMarcus Russell, needs to be ingrained into the heads of each player and they will need to play at their best, like they played against Denver and Miami, to have a chance to stand down Peyton Manning, Joseph Adai and the Colts.

I do know this, as a fan, I will be rooting my ass off the whole time and if the team has to get it up for this game then they don't belong in this League. The Raiders will be UP for Indy!!!

For a 4-9 team, that could very easily be 6-7 or 7-6, with a young quarterback there is no better test than having a home game against the Defending Super Bowl Champs.

I think it is time to start JaMarcus Russell. Even if he is only guaranteed the first quarter and allowed to progress from there, it will be a start that he will welcome with fervor and get him used to the starting mentality before next season.

These next three games are our chance to get some seasoning on this rookie, and also put the team in the best situation to win by having Daunte come in and finish for him...if he's healthy, and if JaMarcus really doesn't know enough of the playbook and hasn't got enough reps to be effective past a certain point.

Now, let's take a look at the upcoming game against the Indianapolis Colts and see where we stack up against them:

We all know that our strength is our pass defense, minus Schwag, and that our run defense is, well, to use the word suspect would be like saying that Little Boy, was just a bomb.

If there were any GOOD news here, it would be that the Colts only average 3.8 yards a carry. I checked out last year's number as well and they only averaged 4.0 yards a carry so it isn't like they have had a huge drop-off this year.

This is NOT to say that they won't be averaging 4.8 yards a carry when they leave, there is definitely enough evidence of the Raiders not tackling and stopping the run to say that the Colts won't be at 3.8 for long.

In fact, the only teams that are below 3.9 yards a carry that we've already played are Houston(3.6, t27th in the League) and Kansas City(3.2, last in the League).

Combined, these two TERRIBLE running teams produced 478 Rushing Yards in 108 Carries (4.42 Avg).

IN each of those games they allowed a 100 yard rusher. (Larry Johnson (112), Ron Dayne(122), Kolby Smith(150)

So, Joseph Adai, say "Hello" to 100+++ Yards.

I don't see how the Colts will stay under 30 points unless we keep Adai to an average under 4 yards and get AT Least three turnovers.

With that being the case, The Raider Offense, in particular the 29th ranked passing attack (171.4 ypg), will need to go UP TOP JONES on the Colts.

With Johnnie Lee Higgins, Tim Dwight, Jerry Porter, Ronald Curry and Zach Miller to throw to on every other down, JaMarcus Russell, could open up the offense.

I really do think that he gives us the best chance at winning tomorrow.

He is fresh and the line is playing well.

I'm saying it right now Raider Fans, for the first time all season...START JaMARCUS!!!!!!



There, I feel better now and I hope that Lane heard me, the team is practicing about 5 miles from the office today and IF JaMarcus takes control of the offense in practice, I would have to believe that his hat would be in the ring to start on Sunday.

If he IS "Prime Time", which I think he is, then put him in there in Prime Time!!!!

Here Is The Weather Prediction For Sunday From Yahoo

The forecast also says that it is going to be 57 today and I can tell you that is about 45 degrees in Oakland right now.

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