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Oakland Raiders News 12-13-07: Four Starters To Miss Game For Indy

Today, the AP reported that WR Marvin Harrison, DT Raheem Brock, S Antoine Bethea and DE Robert Mathis will most likely all miss the game this weekend in Oakland.

This is good news for the young Raiders as they take aim at last year's Super Bowl Champs.

Maybe we can send some RT tickets to the Cayman Islands to Peyton and Joseph Adai.

Other than that, there is not much more to report, other than the fact that Fargas expects to play and that McCown is also expected to start.

That's right, we get another dose of Josh-Pa-Looza.

You've just gotta love the end of J-Mac's piece today:

" – An ESPN feature by Scouts Inc. ranks NFL quarterbacks 1 through 64 and leaves off Raiders starter Josh McCown altogether.

Instead, Daunte Culpepper is classified as the starter and ranked No. 32, and Russell the backup and ranked No. 36.

McCown's brother Luke, the starting quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, was ranked No 56.

– Kiffin threw a chair through his office window and challenged Al Davis to fight when he found out Norm Chow was interviewing for the UCLA job, according to a non-industry source who made up the story."

"J- Mac is a Musical Genius"

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Go Raiders!!!!!