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Oakland Raiders News 12-18-07: Kiffin's First Year IS A Success (Indy Re-Cap)

After the blow out in Green Bay, Lane Kiffin and his coaching staff put together a fantastic game plan against Indy and they almost pulled out one of the MOST improbable wins we have seen in years.

Losing to Indy seemed near inevitable from the day that the schedule was posted. But, to everyone's surprise the Oakland Raiders led them with 7 minutes left in the Fourth Quarter.

If you recall my keys to the game, the Oakland Raiders nailed every single one of them...well...almost:

"I don't see how the Colts will stay under 30 points unless we keep Adai to an average under 4 yards and get AT Least three turnovers."

They didn't quite get three turnovers, BUT, they did force two fumbles, get a pick and make the best goal line stand in recent history that forced a turnover on downs.

That Goal Line stand led to a 99 yard, 20 play drive that resulted in a TD and showed that THIS IS NOT THE 2003-2006 Raiders.

Colts Running Back, Joseph Adai, was limited to 2.9 yards a carry and the Colts were held to 21 points.

"I have to believe that this weekend will be Coach Kiffin's defining moment of the season.

A week after getting trounced by the Packers in the second half of Sunday's, "Meltown on Ice", the Raider Head Coach has to get his whole team to forget about the last two quarters that they played and keep positive enough to have confidence that they SHOULD win this week.

The game plan, which includes JaMarcus Russell, needs to be ingrained into the heads of each player and they will need to play at their best, like they played against Denver and Miami, to have a chance to stand down Peyton Manning, Joseph Adai and the Colts."

This game did define the Young Kiffin's first year as a head coach, ON ANY LEVEL!!!

He showed that he has this team playing hard and that he has control of this team even when they are 4-10.

Just look at the 4-10 team across the Bay to see how easily a coach can lose a team that has slid to the bottom ranks of the NFL.

I loved how Lane went for it on fourth down. (He does need a power I running play to compliment his wide HB toss, and I've said THAT since Pre-Season)

I also loved how he got the ENTIRE team together after they went up 14-13 in the Middle of the 4th Quarter.

IF, Reggie Wayne doesn't make that INSANE grab, or if Nnamdi could have reached 3 inches more it would have been Raider ball, up by 1 with 6 minutes left.

They came THAT close to closing out the Colts.

In my opinion, the jury is no longer out on Lane Kiffin. He is a stubborn bull who will NOT alter his gameplan for JaMarcus, therefor NO "UPTOP JONES", but he has shown that he has this team heading in the right direction.

I'm IN and I'm sure that the rest of you are still IN as well.

Tomorrow, I will have the Midweek Look at the Jags up, but, for today, let's talk about how Lane Kiffin has evolved for "Son of Monte" to turing this team into "Lane's World".