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Game Day Thread: Oakland Raiders vs Denver Donkeys


As you may or may not have heard, Daunte McRussellter is starting today. In typical cloak and dagger form the Raiders have NFL Main Stream Media types writing headlines like McCown Will Start and then following that up in their articles with statements like, "If Daunte cannot go, Josh McCown will get the start unless JaMarcus actually does".

That stuff cracks me up!!!

ESPN just needs to stay out of our business. I mean, they have our coach going to coach a college team and our rookie QB starting today. I can't wait for the day that I have a press pass. We can then just turn off ESPN and tune into our own Nation on info.

Right now, Jerry McDonald does a GREAT JOB, but he is only one wheel on the bus. And you know that a bus with one wheel is about as effective as an elephant on a pogo stick in taking down the MSM.

So, here is what they all have to say:

We'll start out with J-Mac. He says that Russell will get significant time IF McCown starts and may not play much at all IF Daunte starts.

This makes sense. IF Daunte starts, then Russell would have to be the #3 starter because Kiffin is not ready to throw him out there IF Daunte goes down on the first series.

This brings us to an interesting point.

As a fan, do you want to see JaMarcus start because you think he will do a better job than Daunte? A Better job than McCown? Or, because your interest is peaked about J-Russ and with a 3-8 team you still want to be "In?

The more I think about it...Starting McCown and letting him do his "Checkdown" thing and hand the ball off to Fargas and Company and then bringing in J-Russ for 3 Series may be the best way to attack the Broncos in the absence of Daunte.

Heck, McCown almost beat Denver IN Denver by just handing the ball off. Then again, whenever he tried to go deep he underthrew the ball and got picked. So, don't have him go deep. That would be Russell's job.

Here is David White's Best Article of The Year.

He sheds some light on Chris Clemons' upbringing in Griffin Georgia.

More work like this may make me read what he writes again. He usually borders on Nancy Gay and "Corky".

Steve Corkran Writes a Great Piece About "The Rat" Praising the Raiders.

That's all I have for now...Go Raiders!!! I'm heading out to brave the COLD!!! It sure looks like rain here!!!