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Friday IN The Trenches:

This has been a VERY busy week for me and today is no different, so my writing will be brief.

Yesterday I tied the knot with Mrs. Saint, she is no longer "The Future Mrs. Saint". There is no need to send cash or gifts, just make a donation to the Oakland School of The Arts in Silver and Black Pride's name. :)

Today, I will find out if the child which has been growing for the past four months is going to be wearing silver and black onesies or pink, silver and black onesies.

Needless to say, it has been a very gratifying, yet, BUSY week.

You'd think that a football game being played while I'm driving my son to the airport would be the last thing on my mind, but it isn't!!!

When I think about the match-up with Jacksonville, I think of a few things that I will be monitoring:

1) Can we win the battle in the trenches?

Will the D-Line prove to be as stout as they were against the Colts?

Will our O-Line be able to keep the sackless streak, which currently sits at three games, going?

2) Will JaMarcus get the start?

As I stated last week, START JaMARCUS NOW!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Let him prepare for the game as a starter and let his family and friends which are as nearby as their going to get to him on the road this year get to see him perform AS THE STARTER!!!

I think that Kiff may read this Blog, because he is considering starting him for most of the reasons I mentioned.

3) Will Dominic shine?

This is Dominic's chance to show that he belongs with this team and that he will contribute in 2008.

Even if we do not keep him around, a couple of nice performances would make him tradeable.

That's all I have for now...I have to run a few errands and run off to the doctor's appt.!!!

Be sure to check in with Big Cat Country to see what's going on down in Jacksonville!!!

Big Cat Country