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Oakland Raiders News, 12-22-07: The 2007 Season Is Winding Down

This season has seen the Raiders return from the ashes of the 2006 season and begin to take on the look of a contender.

Thomas Howard and Kirk Morrison have emerged as one of the MOST exciting linebacker duos in the NFL.

Nnamdi has shut down his man all year. He has less than 28 balls thrown at him all year.

The offensive line, under new coach Tom Cable, has not given up a sack in three games.

Justin Fargas ran for 1,000 yards although he began the season as number three and maybe even number four on the depth chart AND will miss the final two games.

JaMarcus Russell has been limited in his reps, but he gives this franchise hope every time he steps under center.

For a team that won only 2 games last year, you'd think that MAY be enough to take into next year as the season winds down.

That is NOT the case here.

Gone is a terrible losing streak to the AFC West and on the road.

Next Sunday this team has a chance to sweep the AFC West in the second time through the Division when they battle the hated Chargers.

Next Sunday will also, most likely, be JaMarcus Russell's debut as a starter for Oakland.

There is still a lot to look forward to, and I'll be cheering them on the entire way!!!