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Oakland Raiders Talk 12-29-07: Putting '07 In The Rear View Mirror Part I

First Off, Happy Holidays to all of you who read Silver and Black Pride.

This Blog and SBN as a whole have come a LONG way in one year.

As I look toward next year, I have to let you know that there will be HUGE changes around here.

I can't give you the specifics, BUT, SBN 2.0 will be launched and this site WILL BE the best Oakland Raider Blog anywhere on or in the "Inter-Verse".

I will also be adding another writer or two. I am currently working on some writers that I have been hoping to land for a while.

As far as this team goes, I don't think that any Raider Team, EVER, has experienced as much turnover in one short year.

I didn't become a Raider fan until 1976, when I was 4, and didn't really follow the players until 1980, so if some of you old timers can recall a time when there was as much change as this year please do chime in.

When you look at the team that will take the field this Sunday against the Chargers, there will only be ONE offensive starter in the same position as he was last year, and that is Ronald Curry. And in all reality, even he has been moved from #2 to #1 receiver.

On the defensive side of the ball it can probably be argued that there should have been more changes, but at least the KEY change has been made, Stu is on the sideline.

Can someone explain to me how Rob Ryan is the ONLY person in the universe who does NOT understand that last year's #1 pass defense was an aberration? How does he not see that the least passed on defense SHOULD give up the fewest passing yards and fewest BIG plays???

Not only is the roster overhauled, but the coaching staff as well.

There are 16 NEW coaches on this team and they have brought a new attitude along with their new schemes.

Although this team has only won 4 games, they have won those games together. They have won those games as one unit. They have gone to battle and been in this thing TOGETHER.