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Oakland Raiders vs San Diego Chargers Game Day Thread:

Here it is Oakland Raider Nation...OUR Super Bowl.

No, this won't get us a trophy or into the REAL playoffs, although it will be a nice scalp to hang on Lane Kiffin's belt...Our Season ends, just as JaMarcus Russell's career as a starter begins.

This is the first week that JaMarcus has prepared all week to START the game.

Will he win? Probably NOT.

Should he win? Definitely NOT!

He is so wet behind the ears that he makes Mike Williams look like a savvy vet, but what he WILL gain today is invaluable experience that will do well for him next year. As Lane Kiffin said, he will go into next year with an NFL start under his belt.

What he didn't say is that it is not just any start, it is a start in a playoff environment.

The fans will be pumped, AND I'D BETTER NOT HEAR ANY BOOING, because J-Russ is making his first NFL start and the Chargers will be pumped because they will be playing to clinch a HOME playoff game.

Home Field will be huge against Pittsburgh for a franchise that hasn't won a playoff game in 13 years.

Since making it to the Super Bowl Game in 1994 and getting blasted 49-26 the Chargers have been playoff busts.

For all of you, who, like me, hate every team in the AFC West there would be no better way to go into a playoff-less off season than by running the table on the AFC West the second time through and forcing the "Powder Puff Blues" to play a road game IN Pittsburgh.

On the injury front, it looks like Tim Dwight will NOT make it today and that could be key because he is the only receiver I have faith in that stretches the field.

Otherwise, it is ALL systems GO!!!