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How are the Oakland Raiders 10.5 Point Dawgs?

The word out of Green Bay is that Brett Favre will start and that Rodgers is OUT.

They had to go out and sign Craig Nall just so that Donald Driver wouldn't have to be the back-up QB.

Nall - "Hey Coach, Can you see any splinters?"

Coach - "Nah Craig, your head's in the way!"

You may not know Nall because he hasn't taken a snap in the NFL since 2004.

This does not bode well for the Packers. The way I see it, Favre is their franchise and they already have a playoff spot locked up. IF he is not at least 90%, I don't expect him to last more than two series.

That brings us to Craig Nall. Nall was signed on December 1st...That's right, DECEMBER 1st!!!

Sure, anything can happen in Lambeau on a snowy day, but I have to believe that this 10.5 point spread is easy pickings for any of you bettors in the Nation.

This is a game that we MAY win, and 10.5 is the biggest give away I have seen all year.

Go Raiders!!!