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Oakland Raiders News 12-08-07: The Frozen Tundra Awaits!!!

Two of the NFL's most storied franchises will square off tomorrow on one of the NFL's most famous battlefields, Lambeau Field's Frozen Tundra.

The last time that the Oakland Raiders won in Lambeau, it was in John Madden's Final Season at the helm of the Silver and Black, 1978. (The LA Raiders won there in 1987)

In fact it is very rare indeed for these two teams to meet in Lambeau.

The most recent Raider visit was way back in 1999. That was Rich gannon's debut as a Raider in a losing effort.

1993 was also memorable, but not for anyone specials debut. The Silver and Black got their clocks cleaned 28-0 and when Reggie White lateraled the ball back to LeRoy Butler who sailed into the end zone, the Lambeau Leap was born.

Is It Just Me, or Does That Wall Look MUCH Taller than it is Now?

According to Yahoo, There is a 60% chance of snow tomorrow and the high will be 22 degrees!!!

Tomorrow promises to be a great test for the Young Raiders and a victory would be as sweet as any in years.

Even as scary as the freezing cold weather and frozen tundra may be, it is nowhere as scary as facing the Pacers would be IF he got his wish in the off-season. Imagine IF his dream had come true...My guess is that it would have looked alot like THIS: