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Game Day Thread: Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers

Today could be the day that the Raiders return to NFL respectability. We already know that the AFC West has been put on notice, and a victory over Green Bay IN Green Bay would have all of the NFL pundits talking about the Raiders again.

One of the keys to this game HAS to be Charles Woodson's toe. IF he can go it will make life VERY tough on Josh McCown. Woodson makes a HUGE difference in this Packer defense. He is the only playmaker in the Green Bay secondary and with him OUT, Josh McCown's play action can work.

IF Woodson is 100%, it will be a running game for the Raiders and IF the Packers don't have to play pass defense they are a VERY good defense and capable of taking over this game.

Walter or J-Russ give us, in my opinion, the best chance of winning this game with Daunte being out.

Daunte's race with Routt cost us the best chance of winning this game. It's too bad, because he would allow us to stretch the field and open up the running game a bit easier.

Yahoo has this to say about the weather:

"# Today: Cloudy skies with afternoon snow showers. Cold. High 21F. Winds light and variable. Chance of snow 40%.
# Tonight: Snow showers this evening. Becoming partly cloudy later. Low 11F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 40%."

Some key matchups:

McQuistan vs Kampman

McQuistan has shown to be one of our best O-Linemen in the last two games. Now he takes on a hard working, physical, every down DE that has 11 sacks on the year to compliment 54 tackles.

Morrison and Howard vs Farve

With 5 options in the passing game, the Packers force opposing defenses to play linebackers on their wide-outs. Luckily for the Raiders, our linebackers are exceptional in pass coverage.

D-Line vs Ryan Grant

With the linebackers not able to run blitz as often as they have of late, the D-Line is going to NEED to step up. The good news is that Sam Williams has been healthy and he gives us the opportunity to play 8 in the box IF it becomes necessary.

Favre vs Nall

IF Favre plays the whole game the Packers are a definite favorite. IF he only lasts a couple of series', then Nall comes in and it is anyone's ballgame.

48 Minutes til game time...I need a beer!!!