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Raiders Recap: Raiders Outplayed In Every Facet

There is not ONE facet of this game that the Raiders won.

Special Teams - No way. One fumble on a punt, leading to a TD and another punt returned for a TD.

Coaching - No way. Kiffin showed his wetness behind the ears today. NOT challenging the punt return in the first half was the beginning. Sticking with the hobbled McCown...AGAIN...sealed it.

Running Game - No way. Ryan Grant was running through holes that you could have fit a semi through. Fargas was running into people while Jordan started getting stacked up in the third.

Defensive Line - Raiders, No Pressure. Green bay had McCown running for his life.

Defensive Backs - We have Schweigert...Nuff said.

I bet that even the towel boy on Green Bay's side did a better job at handing out the towels.

This loss is one of those that you have to turn the page on. So, that's what I'm doing.

I'm pulling a Bill Belichick and stating right here and now that we are getting ready for Indy and I will take all Indy questions. ;)