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The Oakland Raiders are Lane Kiffin's Team: Freddy B Retires

This is a sad day for me, but one that we all knew was coming.

Freddy Biletnikoff has been my favorite Raider even since the day he he opened our Little League season in San Lorenzo in 1986.

He and Raymond Chester have always taken time out for the kids in the East Bay and I appreciate him as more than a great receiver, but as a great man.

He was one of the few remaining of the old regime that many Raider fans and perhaps the modern players saw the game pass by.

The Old school fans will remember him as tenacious receiver who made many great catches during the Madden Era.

Us newer old school fans, 1980 and up, will always remember him as a gracious man who always went out of his way to help the Community and maintain the True Raider Image.

His retirement points to something that I pondered yesterday but did not write about because I could not muster up the mustard. The receiving corps did not play for the team last year and Freddy B did not help the situation. Many have called for his head, but Al remained loyal to his old number 25.

I thought that IF Al was still calling the shots Freddy B would definitely be retained and if not Mr. Biletnikoff would have coached his last game as a Raider.

I do not see this as #25 retiring, but rather being graciously allowed to retire or be reassigned to the "Scout Pasture".

The timing of the event being 2 days after the Son of Monte met with the assistants is what makes me think this.

Lord Al has said that he sees alot of himself in the young Lane Kiffin. That must be the case because he is allowing him to come in and set up this organization his way.

Son of Monte and The Godfather have already mentioned watching tape together and it is my take that Lane has pointed out some major flaws and Al has given him free reign to fix them.

This news is bittersweet because on one hand we have the retirement of one of the greatest Raiders of all-time, and on the other we are ushering in a new era.

Perhaps Al is ready to enjoy "Life in the Fast Lane"?

Here is an article about Freddy B. I will be opening a Freddy B thread for anyone to post photos/articles or video on.